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Prescription Management Software

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Price : 2,500.00 BDT.
Product Type : Desktop Software
Short Description :
Doctor Registration with basic information like name, address, contact numbers, work places, specialty etc. Specialty can be entered up to 5 lines, which will be printed on prescription.

Product Details

• Drug list with Company name, generic name.
• Category wise Drug list will help to search any Drug faster.
• Investigation Category and Investigations list.
• Symptom list in Bengali and English.
• Advice list in Bengali and English.
• Disease list in Bengali and English with short description.
• User setting with deferent rights.

Patient Management:
• Patient Registration with maximum information like Name, Address, contact number, date of birth, national ID / passport number etc.
• Automatic age/DOB calculation. If you enter DOB age will be calculated automatically and if you enter age DOB will be generated automatically.
• Patient age is not constant; it will be upgraded automatically according to time.

Prescription Management:
• Creating prescription for new patient or old patient is very easy and user friendly.
• No need to close the prescription form to create a new patient or find an old patient.
• Patient Name and age will be printed in Bengali and English both language.
• Patient History and Symptoms enter facility in Bengali and English.
• Unlimited On-Examination value entry.
• Medicine/Drug entry facility with dose like 1+0+1, 1+1+1 etc.
• Investigation entry is very easy, just need to click on the names.
• Advice entry in Bengali and English.
• Prescription will be printed in A4 size paper without header. So that you can use your pre-printed papers. Paper size can be adjusted to any.
• No need to tell the patient to bring the prescription next time, because you can find the patient out in a second form the software. It’s possible to search any patient by using Name, Code, Address, National ID, Contact Number etc.

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