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Hospital Management Software

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Price : 30,000.00 BDT.
Product Type : Desktop Software
Short Description :
This Software has been designed for all types of Hospital. It's a desktop based application which supports multiple counters.

Product Details

# Basic Configuration:
• Company information entry.
• Doctor’s information entry with their weekly schedule.
• Referral (PC) information entry with commission percentage.
• User groups and user accounts entry.
• Expense Types entry.

# Lab Management:
• Test category entry with department and room number.
• Test information entry with rate, maximum discount percentage, referral commission percentage, test parameters with unit name and default value/range, specimen, accessories, machine name etc.
• Pathologist information entry.
• Biochemist information entry.
• Report making and printing in pathology.

# Out-Patient Management:
• Patient registration with required information.
• Outdoor doctors booking with serial number (Outdoor invoice).
• Diagnostic invoice entry and printing in different paper sizes.
• Diagnostic due collection and report delivery.
• Service invoice for emergency services.

# In-Patient Management:
• Patient registration with required information.
• Patient admission with bed/cabin information.
• Service invoice for different services.
• OT invoice with doctor’s information.
• Advance money receipt.
• Bed/cabin changing for in patient.
• Patient discharge and final billing with discharge letter.

# Accounts:
• Daily expenses entry with different expense types.
• Referral (PC) commission payment.
• Doctors commission payment.

# Reports:
• Date to date cash collection report by every individual cashier and total summery.
• Date to date expense report.
• Day end report for everyday closing.
• Date to date Outdoor invoice report.
• Patients sent by referral (PC) report.
• Diagnostic test analysis report by test name, doctor name and referral PC name.
• Doctors commission report.
• Referral (PC) commission report.
• Patients out-standing report.
• Others necessary report.

# User and Security Management:
• Software administrator can create user group randomly with the access permission of each and every module operations (New, Edit, Delete, Preview and Print) and can create users under any user groups.
• No user can do anything without access permission.
• Defining permission for special rights like database backup & restore, printer settings, package settings etc. 

# Special features
o Integrated Queue management for outdoor doctors.
o Doctors real time schedule controlling.
o Patient search by ID, name, contact number etc.
o Unlimited user entry with different user rights.
o Automatic/Manual Database Backup.
o Free online data backup.
o Microsoft SQL server database.
o Supports any version of Microsoft Windows (2005 to latest)

# Delivery within 2 working days
# Free Training and Video Tutorial
# Six Months Free Support(Online)

Q. Is it a online software?
A. No, its a desktop based software. No internet connection required to use this software.

Q. Any monthly or yearly charge?
A. Monthly/yearly charge is optional. If you dont need support after warranty period you dont have to pay any service charge.

Q. What about the license validation?
A. You will get the license for life time. There is no expiration date.

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