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Price : 15,000.00 BDT.
Product Type : Desktop Software
Short Description :
This software has been designed for all types of restaurant like Chinese restaurant, Bangla Restaurant, Coffee shop, Fast food shop etc. It's a desktop application which supports multiple outlets with multiple floors and counters. Some important features are listed below

Product Details

KOT and Sales Management:
• Section and Table wise KOT management
• Every table supports multiple customers in the same time up to the person capacity.
• Kitchen items will be printed in the kitchen printer as soon as the order taken.
• Modify items of any KOT very easily until the Payment done.
• Category wise and Set Meal wise item searching by touch or using the mouse.
• Add-On facilities to make any item special.
• If any customer change his table to another it’s very easy to adjust in the software.
• KOT splitting allows splitting a single bill to multiple customers.
• KOT merging allows merging multiple bills into one.
• Customer bill printing with “Un settled” status before payment.
• Service charge calculation according to the Service charge percentage in the settings.
• Tax/VAT calculation if necessary.
• Direct billing for not staying customers.
• Automatic Staying time calculation of every customer.
• Order and delivery management.

Property Management:
• Company registration with necessary information like trade license number, TIN number, number of outlets and Warehouse, logo, report header/footer etc.
• Setting up outlets, floors, tables, counters etc.
• Unlimited table creation with person capacity.
• Tables layout settings according to interior design for each and every floor.

Head Quarter and Accounts:
• Head Quarter based configuration allows to control anything in the software, only authorized users can login to this module.
• Through "Package Settings" the administrator or authorized user can define some sensitive issue like Costing method, back number of days, barcode prefix, Account settings for all types of transaction, item analysis criteria, Tax header etc.
• Integrated Chart of Accounts.
• Possible to modify existing account groups and heads.
• Easy to add new account group or head.
• Cash account definition.
• Financial year controlling.

Inventory Management:
• Item creation with image and search faster by using those.
• Auto generated item code, user defined item code, multiple barcode for the same item to search faster.
• Stock countable/non countable definition for every item.
• Kitchen item definition by a single click. There might be thousand items in the system; some items have to be prepared in the kitchen like Noodles, Chicken fry, Biriyani etc. after taking the order (KOT) from customers all kitchen items will be printed automatically in the kitchen printer with the order reference.
• Opening inventory entry facility.
• Stock will update automatically after doing any successful Purchase or Sales.
• Stock verification and damage clearing anytime by authorized users.
• Possible to check total inventory value anytime.
• Taxable, non taxable and exempted item definition.
• Up to 6 level selling price fixation.

Purchase and Suppliers:
• Supplier creation with due period, taxable or non taxable, local or foreign etc.
• Generate Purchase quotation and purchase order to any supplier.
• Generate purchase bill directly to any supplier or from the Quotation and Order after confirmation.
• International standard costing method supports to calculate the most accurate cost of any item after doing a purchase.
• Purchase in cash or credit.
• Get all credit bills of any supplier by a single click to check the outstanding amount.
• Supplier settlement supports multiple payment method (Cash, Bank, Credit/Debit card etc)

Customer Management:
• Group wise customer creation (like VIP, friends, student, local etc).
• Customer tracking by barcode, user defined code, contact number, national id etc.
• Due period and credit limit definition for each and every customer.
• Common or individual discount card.
• Account receivable and outstanding details checking.
• Smart due recovery method (Bill wise, over all etc).
• Automatic overdue alert while opening the software (can be disabled).

• Daily sales report in category wise and brand wise.
• Daily cash collection report by every individual cashier and total summery.
• More than 50 reports on inventory from every dimension.
• Loss-Profit report of any period.
• Supplier and customer list with details.
• Account payable and receivable report.
• Day end report with collection and payment details.
• Individual report for each and every module like sales, purchase, quotation, receipt, payment, credit invoice etc.
• Report printing facility in different size of papers like A4, A5, receipt etc.
• Export any report to Microsoft excel format or PDF format.

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